A qualified pilot, Mark Smith (right) combines his passion for photography and planes

Mark Smith has worked as a professional photographer for more than 30 years, with the past 20 as a Senior Photographer on Melbourne’s Herald Sun. He has gained a reputation as one the Australia’s leading editorial photographers having photographed everything from family portraits and breaking news stories to some of the world’s biggest names in film and music.

His vast experience means any assignment presented to him is shot with his characteristic flair and creativity, and his lifelong passion for aviation (he’s a qualified pilot) combined with his vast photographic experience has also helped him carve a niche as one of Australia’s premiere aerial photographers.

Mark’s unique approach to portraiture, honed over decades of media work with celebrities and other interesting figures as his subjects, guarantees his weddings and family portraits truly capture the essence of those in his frame.

His experience as a news journalist means he brings a unique eye to weddings, in particularly, where he is known for catching those unforgettable shots many others miss!

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Photo: Copyright, Mark Smith 2012