Choosing a wedding photographer

Mark’s extensive photography experience means you’ll get more than the typical, predictable shots found in every wedding album!

I’ve been privileged to have been asked to shoot around 400 weddings in my time as a professional photographer. It’s always been a challenging, exciting, stimulating but above all emotional day, even for someone like me who is working on the sidelines.

To me photography is about passion. So is a wedding. With that in mind here’s my thoughts on choosing a wedding photographer.

The first thing is not to get too bogged down on price. I know you have to ask the question, or indeed go to that page on a photographer’s website to make sure they are going to be in your budget. But with in the boundaries of your budget look closely at any potential shooter’s experience. Is it their full time job? How long have they been a photographer? How many weddings have they shot?

Your wedding day photographs are to be treasured for a lifetime, so these questions are important to ask.

If  you are looking at a large studio that shoots multiple weddings on a weekend ask just who is going to be shooting your wedding if you book with them. Ask to see that photographer’s work and, most importantly, meet them.

You have to have a connection with your wedding photographer. Ask them how they work; Fly on the wall or slightly more controlled.

The same process applies to booking a photographer who works on their own. Talk to them while you are looking at their pics. Gauge their personality. Are they the type of person you’d be happy to chat to at a party? If so, and their work fits in with the style you are looking for, you are well on your way to finding your photographer.

If not, then possibly they may not be the photographer for you. Remember your wedding day will be a bit stressful. Your photographer is a constant throughout the day, so it pays to make sure you get along.

When looking at price make sure you know chapter and verse just what you are getting for the money. Does the package include the hi-res images on a CD? How long does the photographer allow for the day?

As an aside on this point make sure you leave plenty of time between the ceremony and reception for the photographer to do their job. You are paying good money so give them the time to use their skills to best effect. Also, make sure you know and understand the photographers policy should you cancel for whatever reason. This applies to all the vendors you’ll be booking for your wedding.

Finally when you book a photographer, make sure you keep in touch with them in the months leading up to your big day. Look in the bridal magazines for pictures you really like and send them along. That way your photographer has a good handle on the approach you like. Then on the day, relax. You’re beautiful, you’re happy and you’re the star. Let that shine in the pics.

Most of all, good luck – and if you’re interested in having me photograph your wedding day, please feel free to contact me here. I’m just an email or phone call (0419 509 548) away!

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